The only things Nic doesn’t know about screenplay structure and character can be heard on John Cage’s 4′ 33”. Not only is Nic incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, he’s a lovely guy, too. Easy to work with, fascinating and fun, but also good at catalyzing focus on the right things at the right moment. A real pro, with a proper track record, too. He’s been a genuine mentor to me and I consider myself lucky to have worked with him.

Nick Wray – screenwriter and journalist

Nic is what I’d call a “writer’s editor”, if that makes sense. That’s because he writes himself, of course, so he understands what you’re going through. He comes at a project not as some individual trying to make his own mark, but very much as your partner, as someone who knows exactly what you want to do and someone who’s very keen to help you. I’ve worked with him on several projects and have always been impressed by his immediate and profound grasp of story and character. Bouncing ideas around with him is a great experience because you’re always both on the same page. But even excluding the creative process, Nic is an expert when it comes to the technicalities of screenwriting, plus he knows the industry inside out, understanding its requirements but also the opportunities it offers to authors, the gaps in the market, whatever’s in, whatever’s out, and so forth. Hearing that Nic was involved in a job would always be a big attraction to me.

Paul Finch – screenwriter on The Bill and of The Devil’s Rock, and best-selling author of the Mark Heckenburg and Lucy Clayburn crime novel series

Working with Nic is a fantastic experience – his knowledge of story structure and genre is revelatory, and his insights into character, pace and storytelling are profound. He pinpointed exactly what I needed to change in my script with astonishing speed and accuracy, and his judgement was impeccable. It felt like a gift to have his help, not only because he was so supportive during the re-writing process, but because I totally trusted his judgement. He was always right! This made re-writing feel like a positive experience, which is unusual. Nic’s deep understanding of the needs of the film industry – and of audience expectations in each genre – taught me essential lessons, which continue to be valuable. It was a delight to work with Nic, and I very much look forward to working with him again.

Bettina Lerner – writer and documentary-maker

Nic and I worked together on my first horror script. His ability to convey his love of the genre, as well as to help me understand exactly what is expected of it, was immediate: his sword-sharp thinking cut right through to the bone of the story. This honesty helped me grasp the dynamics very quickly, because Nic doesn’t mess about; he clearly knows what he is doing, and his discipline and skills in screenwriting and storytelling are clear. His ability to understand how written scenes need to propel from the page into cinematic visuals is as extraordinary as it is delightful. Nic has energetic application and a sensitivity to story, structure and client that are pure class. Invaluable help.

Pamela Townley – author (The Image, The Stone Maiden, Someone Knows); screenwriter (The Dark Behind The Window)

Nic has awesome theoretical knowledge and a deep understanding of both the art of story and the craft of screenwriting. He also has the expertise to apply this knowledge to making a story or script emotionally more engaging, intellectually more sophisticated and technically more proficient.

Julian Friedmann – agent at Blake Friedmann Literary Aegncy, author and producer

I have known Nic since 2009 — and been delighted to work with him as both a writer and story editor. He has an excellent facility for narrative and inventing character, but most significantly a real knack for making sense of story… he is a genuine “script whisperer”. In working with writers for both film and TV, Nic’s enhanced understanding of storytelling and of how to get the most out of authors put him in a league of his own. There are very few practitioners working at his level who have the knowledge and the experience to identify the problems and then help fix them. Hire Nic, job done!

Gub Neal – Creative Director at Artists Studio; producer (The Fall, Cracker)

I’ve known and worked with Nic for years on various TV and film projects, and it’s an experience I’d happily repeat. His knowledge of film and TV is exceptional, especially from a storytelling point of view, and this includes US TV, which I’ve found to be less common in the UK. He has a thorough understanding of character, pacing, and story structure, and his work ethic is exemplary. It’s always highly rewarding to brainstorm with him, to pick apart scripts, structure them, or simply to kick back and come up with new concepts. His work is all informed by a genuine, deep love for the medium. The reason Nic knows so much about it all is that he simply just loves filmed entertainment, and he brings that passion and enthusiasm to his work.
Two thumbs up.

Raymond Khoury – author (The Last Templar, The Sign); screenwriter (Spooks, Waking The Dead)

Working with Nic on a couple of projects proved to be exceptionally beneficial. His detailed knowledge and experience with genre material is faultless and it shows in his unique approach to story. He offers something fresh and different; definitely one of the best script editors in the biz.

Andy Briggs – author (HERO.COM/VILLAIN.NET), producer; screenwriter (CrowhurstSupervized)

Nic is an excellent script editor. We worked together on Wake Wood which I directed and co-wrote. Nic brought a huge amount to the process and to the finished film. His grasp of screenwriting and storytelling goes far beyond his extensive knowledge of genre. But it’s not like you get this dry expert when you work with Nic — you get a co-conspirator hell bent on helping you get the most out of your passion and on holding you to your vision for it.

David Keating – writer, director (Wake Wood, Last Of The High Kings)

Nic has worked with Fantastic Films across a variety of genre projects, including Wake Wood and Sea Fever. He has strong instincts for genre and screen story structure, but also has a critical insight which is hugely valuable in the development process.

Brendan McCarthy – writer, producer (Wake Wood, Cherry Tree); producer (Stitches, Let Us PreySea Fever)

I had the pleasure of working with Nic when Hammer Films picked up my zombie-comedy ‘Euston We Have A Problem’ and he was sent in as script editor to help lick the script into shape. Using his formidable narrative structure skills and encyclopaedic knowledge of the horror genre, we recrafted the script together and after an intensive, surprisingly enjoyable rewriting process, we were in a position to attach a top horror director to the project. Nic is an encouraging, supportive, solutions-orientated guy and a real asset to have on your side. Highly recommended.

Darrin Grimwood – screenwriter (Cornered!)

I worked with Nic during the process of pitching a creative project to Hammer Films. His insights into my script were deeply helpful – I’ve never enjoyed getting notes so much – and his thoughtful approach to shepherding my project through to my final pitch was invaluable. I would jump at the chance to work with Nic again.

Alexis Van Hurkman – writer, colorist and director